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American Culture

Americans are informal, value equality, liberty, and justice and don’t like social classes.

Americans tend to share the same values, values that they learned in childhood. Some of the most deeply held beliefs of Americans are:

  • equality (everyone is created equal; no one is better than anyone else)
  • doing over talking (if there's a problem, don't talk about how you'll fix it--just fix it!)
  • directness (get straight to the point; say what you mean and be done)
  • emphasis on accomplishment (people are known for what they've done; a good resume has lots of activities and awards)
  • positive thinking (tomorrow will be better; the bad times won't last forever)
  • self-determination (if you want to do something, you can do it)
  • self-reliance (if you want something done, you have to do it yourself; children look forward to living on their own)
  • experimentation (new discoveries make life better)

Americans tend to be individualistic, resulting in competitiveness and self-reliance being valued.

For Americans, time is limited and belongs to the person. Other cultures tend to value being with people rather than getting things done, especially as they do not see themselves as owning time or being in control of circumstances.

In some other cultures identity is determined by group membership; therefore, cooperation is seen as the most effective way to get work done.

For more info about American Culture, you may want to visit to the Edupass culture website.