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English Programs for Internationals

Campus Life

There are many free (or very cheap) activities and events for EPI students happening on USC’s campus. Join a club, attend a concert, see a new movie, or go for a weekend trip to the mountains with other students.


Carolina Productions offers free activities for all EPI students throughout each term. Carolina Productions offer game nights, comedy shows, and other special events free of charge for students. Attending these events is a great way to have fun and meet American students. You can find out about all Carolina Productions events at

There are free movies every week at the Russell House Movie Theater. Find the schedule of events at 

For a full list of public events on campus, visit

Student Organizations

EPI students can join student organizations. There are over 200 organizations to choose from, ranging from sports clubs, organizations around a particular interest, or groups of people of the same nationality. Learn more about the organizations at

Campus Athletics

EPI students are able to join intramural sports teams. (We are sorry, but EPI students cannot join a team with USC students playing against other university students.) To learn more about intramurals or to register for a team, visit

EPI students can also join sports clubs on campus. Find the whole list here:

USC’s Office of Outdoor Recreation offers many off-campus trips. (These trips do have fees to participate.) Learn more at

Fitness and Wellness Centers

There are two fitness centers on campus, the Strom Thurmond Fitness and Wellness Center (“the Strom”) and the Blatt P.E. Center (“Blatt”). EPI students are able to use both centers. Each center has weight rooms, volleyball courts, badminton courts, swimming pools, exercise classes, sports fields, dance studios, and much, much more. Learn more at

NOTE: You will need your Carolina Card to enter both the Blatt and the Strom. 

Reserving Fields, Courts, and Equipment: You may reserve a field or court for you and your friends to use. If you want to reserve a gym or field for a specific time for a group of students from EPI to play basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, you will need to go to the following websites.

Make sure you fill out the reservation form completely. If you have any problems with the form, feel free to ask for help with EPI Student Services.

NOTE: You should make your request at least two days before the date you wish to use the gym or field.

If you need equipment like racquets, you can check them out at the Equipment Issue department located in each fitness center.  They sell balls for tennis, racquetball, squash or handball or you may bring your own. You will need your Carolina Card to check out equipment.