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Columbia is the state capital of South Carolina. It is a friendly, safe city that welcomes international students with its legendary Southern hospitality. The city has been ranked among the best college towns in the country for two consecutive years (2015 & 2016).

Columbia has been ranked among the best college towns in the United States for each of the past two years.  The Columbia Metropolitan Area, which includes both Columbia and the areas that surround it, has a population of about 800,000 people. Located in the center of South Carolina, Columbia is only a few of hours away from the Great Smoky Mountains and the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. The city is named after the European explorer Christopher Columbus. Two rivers, the Saluda River and the Broad River, merge at Columbia to form the Congaree River (Wikipedia).

There are many things to do in Columbia. There are several ballet companies, a symphony orchestra, many fine museums, and the Colonial Center, which attracts popular entertainers from the nation. Columbia is home to many athletic teams including USC’s football, soccer, and baseball teams. Water sports are a favorite activity at Lake Murray, located just 20 minutes from Columbia. Columbia also provides special events throughout the year, such as the International Festival in the spring and the South Carolina State Fair in the fall.

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City of Columbia website
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Columbia has an overall warm climate. Winters are mild; snowfall may occur, but rarely lasts more than a day.
Average Seasonal Temperatures for the Southeast Region:


Winter 4 to 20 C
40 to 60 F
Spring 13 to 24 C
55 to 75 F
Summer 24 to 29 C
75 to 88 F
Fall 14 to 24 C
58 to 75 F


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