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English Programs for Internationals

Current Students

The students at EPI are very diverse. They come from a variety of countries and they represent a wide range of ages.

All the students have come to EPI for one reason: to learn English in a top-quality intensive English program. However, the reasons that the students need to learn English are varied. Some will be attending a university in the United States or need English credit for their universities at home. Others come because they need English to compete in the job market. Some of the students are sponsored by various organizations.

Conversation Partners Program
If you would like to meet Americans and improve your English, please consider getting a Conversation Partner. The Conversation Partners Program pairs EPI students with native speakers of English for conversation. This gives the EPI student a chance to meet an American and to practice English. It gives the American a chance to meet someone from another country and to broaden his/her cultural experience.

USC information
EPI students can also take advantage of information and services offered by USC's International Student Services. International Student Services.

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