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English Programs for Internationals


General rules of dress:

  • Whether business or casual, the clothing should fit well, and be kept clean and neat. 
  • Many Americans think body odor is rude, even though the same smell would not be rude in other countries. 
  • If you don’t know what to wear, observe how other people dress in that environment.


Business: Business wear is fairly standard. Both men and women in business wear suits, meaning the jacket is of the same material and matches the trousers or skirt. Men wear neckties and women dress conservatively.

Business casual: Men would wear a neat dress shirt, but with no tie, no jacket or a jacket that contrasts with the trousers. Women may wear an outfitless formal than a standard business suit, but not truly casual clothing. Short pants for either gender, would not be accepted.

Casual: Exercise and sports clothing is widely worn by men, women and children. However this is not for every environment. Most people wear blue jeans throughout the United States. It is acceptable in the US for men and women to wear shorts and short-sleeve shirts in the summertime.