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English Programs for Internationals

English Programs for Internationals Graduate Studies

English for Graduate Students

EPI's 7.5-week program can also meet your needs to prepare you for graduate study. You can enroll for a shorter period. Please contact us for dates and tuition.

What is English for Graduate Studies?

Many graduate students enroll for the last four weeks of EPI's Summer term. They are placed in EPI's top level and are incorporated into the classes. In these classes the teachers focus on improving academic speaking and writing skills, introducing the research resources available at a university, offering academic computer skills, and providing a general orientation to living and studying in the U.S. The course instructors are specialized in teaching English as a second language; their aim is to help students improve their English skills so that they can succeed in their graduate studies.

How will EPI benefit you?
Your acceptance into a graduate program shows that your TOEFL and GMAT or GRE scores meet the minimum requirements for English proficiency. However, many international students discover that their written and/or spoken English skills are weak. EPI gives you the opportunity to improve these skills before the semester begins.

What courses are offered?
The courses include:

  • Grammar / Writing 6 - This course will help you develop critical writing skills with which to approach written materials in your field and to produce original commentary in various forms of academic discourse. In addition, it will provide you with extensive orientation to and practice in using the resources in American research libraries. This course will lead you to the production of a research paper in your field of study. Your instructor will help you find sources, analyze materials, develop ideas, write coherently and present your written paper in appropriate academic style, complete with citations and a bibliography.
  • Speaking / Listening 6 - This course focuses on developing your oral skills, including pronunciation, with an emphasis on academic presentations. You will learn how American professors expect students to contribute to class discussions, and there will be opportunities to discuss and defend your opinions on a range of topics. In addition, EPI computer labs are available to enhance academic listening skills.
  • Reading / Vocabulary 6 - This course will focus on improving your ability to read and appropriately and accurately summarize challenging readings, broadening the vocabulary that you can actively use in speaking and writing in English, and increasing your reading speed and ability to quickly scan for information when studying or conducting research.
  • Cultural Activities - A program of cultural activities, designed to increase an understanding of contemporary American life, is part of EPI. Activities include opportunities for community service and visits to places of interest.

How do I apply?
Applicants must complete the EPI Application and send it to EPI with a non-refundable application fee of $125. This check should be in U.S. dollars payable to the University of South Carolina. They must also email EPI at, stating that they have been admitted to graduate study and that they plan to enroll in EPI's final four weeks to prepare them for graduate study in a U.S. university. This information is needed for level 6 placement.