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English Programs for Internationals


First Name Last Name Title Email Bio
Dr. Wesley Curtis Director
Mark Porter Assoc. Director / Instructor Mark Porter
Lilian Ortega-Bunch Asst. Director Lilian Ortega-Bunch
Maria Sophocleous Business & Marketing Coordinator Maria Sophocleous
Chris Reid Coordinator of Integration and Retention Services Chris Reid
Jie Liu EPI Student Services Coordinator Jie Liu
Julia Ferillo EPI Student Services Provider Julia Ferillo
Jeff Carlson Instructor Jeff Carlson
Tiffany Wylie Instructor Tiffany Wylie
Terry Goodfellow Instructor / Community Outreach Coordinator Terry Goodfellow
Timothy Stewart Instructor / Computing Coordinator Timothy Stewart
Russ Harless Instructor / Conversations Partners Program Coordinator Russ Harless
Dr. Nancy Sherman Cheek Instructor / Curriculum Coordinator Dr. Nancy Sherman Cheek
Kate Bledsoe Instructor / ITA Coordinator Kate Bledsoe
Alisha Biler Instructor / Reading / Vocabulary Coordinator Alisha Biler
Bronia Holmes Instructor / Speaking & Listening Coordinator Bronia Holmes
Ray Knight Instructor / Special Projects Coordinator Ray Knight
Jason Christofi Instructor / Testing Coordinator Jason Christofi
Mark Stiteler Instructor / Tutoring Center Coordinator Mark Stiteler
Ann Janosik Instructor / Writing & Grammar Coordinator Ann Janosik
Editha Harper Pedagogical Technology Coordinator Editha Harper
Raquel Milhouse Program Assistant Raquel Milhouse
Dr. Alexandra Rowe Program Consultant Dr. Alexandra Rowe