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English Programs for Internationals

English Programs for Internationals

Future Students

Learning English requires more than spending time in the classroom. Studying at EPI allows students to interact with Americans and learn more about American culture and to practice what they learn in the classroom.

Throughout the term, EPI organizes special events so that all EPI students get a chance to meet other students as well as people from the Columbia community. These are an important part of a student's life here and make learning a very exciting and dynamic experience.

Since EPI is a part of the University of South Carolina, students attend classes side by side with university students. Our university is a very strong school with high quality education and a diverse student body.

Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, is a friendly, safe city that welcomes international students with southern hospitality. Columbia is a typical American city which has many varied activities to offer in the arts, sports, recreation, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Columbia is located in the center of South Carolina and is only a couple of hours away from the Blue Ridge Mountains or the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. South Carolina enjoys a warm climate year round.

Efficient language learning extends beyond the classroom, and ideally the language learner is immersed in the new language and culture in a way that encourages active interaction with native speakers of that language. Therefore, the language learner can practice the skills learned in the classroom while he or she develops an understanding of the new culture.

If you would like to meet Americans and improve your English, please consider getting a Conversation Partner. The Conversation Partners Program pairs EPI students with native speakers of English for conversation. This gives the EPI student a chance to meet an American and to practice English. It gives the American a chance to meet someone from another country and to broaden his/her cultural experience.

To provide this kind of interaction, EPI has established many practical opportunities which enable students to supplement their classroom learning.


You will need a student visa to study at EPI. Please click here to read about student visas.

If you are a future student and want to learn more about EPI, click here to see our Facebook page.