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English Programs for Internationals


The choice of housing and accommodations for your time studying at EPI is one of the biggest decisions future students must make. The staff of EPI is committed to helping you secure housing while you are a student in our intensive English program. If you already have housing in Columbia, please let us know; otherwise, please indicate on your application the type of housing you would like.

There are two housing options available for you:

I.      On-Campus Housing

EPI is part of the University of South Carolina. EPI students may apply to live in campus dormitories and residence halls. Students will live among degree-seeking American and international students. This is a great option for students wishing to immerse themselves in campus life. USC residence halls are for both genders (co-ed), though roommates and suitemates will always be of the same gender.

Housing will be either apartment style or suite style.

• The Suite Style student housing is 1 room shared between 2 students, but will include its own bathroom and shower area to be shared between both students. Suite style housing is approximately $1550/term + required fees (approximately $250).

• The Apartment Style student housing are either 4 separate bedrooms or 2 separate bedrooms, with each resident having their own private room. These living spaces also include a living area, kitchen, and bathroom to be shared between students living in the apartment. Apartment style housing is approximately $2225 + required fees (approximately $250).

Housing fees vary according to the size and location of the apartment. On-campus housing spaces are limited, so there is no guarantee that on-campus housing will be available nor is there any guarantee that you will be placed in the residence hall of your choice. If there is no housing available on campus, EPI staff will help you find off-campus housing (see below).

Visit USC Housing to learn more about living on campus. Please note that EPI students have a separate housing application for on-campus housing. If you are interested in On-campus Housing, please contact Chris Reid at or at 803-777-1228.

II.      Off-Campus Housing

A majority of our students reside in Off-Campus Housing. There are many apartments and housing options available around the University campus and in downtown Columbia. If you decide to bring your spouse and/or family with you, or if you just want to live off campus, we will help you to locate a suitable place to live outside the University campus (costs vary). Students living of-campus sign a lease (a contract) with the property managers for the rental of the apartment or house.

Students wishing to live off campus can contact EPI’s Off-Campus Student Services Coordinator, Julia Ferillo at or call her at 803-413-3437.

You may also visit the website of USC Off-Campus Housing. This site provides useful links to help in finding an apartment as well as other links about living in Columbia. Registration required.

PLEASE NOTE: EPI does NOT have any temporary housing available for students upon their arrival. If you arrive in Columbia without housing secured, please be prepared to spend at least two nights in a hotel while EPI staff assists you in locating housing. We can generally find satisfactory housing for a student within 48 hours.

How to Apply:

When completing the EPI application for intensive English, please check the appropriate spot for the housing option of your choice, indicating either On-campus or Off-campus housing. You can apply for EPI’s Intensive English program here. Then please contact one of the two following people:

  • If you are interested in On-Campus Housing, please contact EPI’s Asst. Director for Student Services, Chris Reid, at or at 803-777-1228.
  • If you wish to live off campus please contact EPI’s Off-Campus Student Services Coordinator, Julia Ferillo, at or call her at 803-413-3437.

Other Concerns:

Bedding and Linens

You will need to bring with you (or purchase when you arrive) bed linens, towels, a study lamp, cleaning supplies, and utensils for cooking and eating. Linens are available upon arrival for $35 and include a pillow, a pillow case, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a blanket, a towel, and a washcloth.


There are different ways to get your meals. You may prepare your meals in your apartment, which is relatively inexpensive but time-consuming. You may eat in university cafeterias, which is more expensive. You may eat in a restaurant, which is the most expensive. In addition to the above estimated cost, you may need money to buy personal items and to pay for entertainment.