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English Programs for Internationals

Housing Refund Policy

All students preregistering for housing for the next EPI term must pay rent in full by Friday of the last of the previous term. Once the break between terms begins (5:00 pm on the Friday of the last week), there are no full refunds of housing fees except in cases where a student must withdraw due to causes beyond his/her control (such as death in the family, a serious illness, etc.) There are no refunds for enrolled students who choose to leave EPI housing unless the vacancy can be filled by another student. If a student withdraws or transfers to another school, the student must complete a Housing Refund Request Form.

Students not returning for the next term must vacate Cliff Apartments by Sunday evening after the term ends.  Cleaning begins on the following Monday morning and all departing students must be out of EPI housing.

The refund will be considered and responded to within three working days. A minimum deposit of $500.00 on housing fees will be nonrefundable to cover cleaning and cancellation fees. The refund will be granted as follows.

Housing Refund*        
Request refund   $2775apmt   $1945 apmt  $1475 apmt
Before the end of term 100% $2,775 $1945*   $1475*
Within Break Week Rent paid less $500** $2,425 $1,595 $1,125
Within 1 Week  less 1 wk rent $2,110 $1,280 $810
Within 2 Weeks less 2 wks rent $1,795 $965 $495
Within 3 Weeks less 3 wks rent $1,480 $650 $180
Within 4 Weeks less 4 wks rent $1,165 $335 $0
Within 5 Weeks less 5 wks rent $850 $20 $0
Within 6 Weeks less 6 wks rent $535 $0 $0
Within 7 Weeks less 7 wks rent $220 $0 $0
Within 8 Weeks less 8 wks rent $0 $0 $0

*  EPI charges a refund processing fee of $25 which will be charged to housing refunds if the refund only concerns housing.                                                                                         

**(cleaning and cancelation fees)

The prorating is done by week, similar to what is done with tuition.  The 'rate' of the prorating is by the weekly rental charges ($45 per person per day).

PDF icon EPI Housing Refund Policy.pdf