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English Programs for Internationals

Mandatory Health Insurance

The cost of medical care in the United States is very expensive. Even a short visit to a doctor for a minor illness can cost a few hundred dollars. For this reason, all international students studying in the US must have health insurance. Failure to provide proof of insurance coverage or to enroll in the AIG plan will result in a student’s removal from the EPI program.

You may get health insurance in one of two ways: 

  1. Purchase EPI Insurance: EPI currently offers insurance from a company called AIG. Unless students has another comparable insurance policy and can provide proof of coverage, an EPI student is automatically enrolled in the AIG plan. This expense will be added to your bill and must be paid at the time of your tuition payment.

A summary of the AIG plan can be found in your Orientation folder. If you would like a complete policy document, please speak with someone in EPI Student Services and they will be happy to provide you with one.

Learn more about the policy here


  1. Provide Proof of Insurance from Another Company: Many students already have insurance policies, either purchased privately or provided by their sponsoring agency. If you choose to use another insurance policy, you must file a waiver with AIG and be approved through the waiver process.

To file a waiver, you must submit the waiver request before Wednesday of the first week of classes. EPI staff will help you to complete the necessary steps to file a waiver during the registration day.

NOTE: Not all insurance policies meet the requirements set by the university, so just because a student has insurance in their home country does not guarantee that their insurance satisfies the university’s insurance requirement. If you do not receive the approved waiver by Monday of the second week of classes, you must purchase the EPI insurance or you will not be allowed to attend class.

Here are two popular alternative insurance plans: