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English Programs for Internationals

Medical Requirements

Before You Leave:

Bring your medical records: past sicknesses, operations/surgeries, immunization records, and medications you are taking.

EPI students go to USC’s doctor in the Health Center on campus. Please make an appointment to see a doctor. We don’t usually go to a hospital to see a doctor unless it is in the evening and the doctor’s office is closed.

The United States requires prescriptions from doctors to purchase most medicine from a pharmacy. You may need a prescription from your doctor to purchase the medicine in the United States. Please bring extra and a prescription with you.

For surgery and the Emergency Room (ER). Hospitals are for people who are very sick. You usually wait a long time and the bills are very expensive. Staying overnight is also expensive. The food bill is part of the hospital charges. The closest hospital to EPI is Palmetto Health Baptist.

All insurance is private and you will always have to pay some part of the medical bills. EPI’s insurance is for emergencies only.

Click here to learn more about mandatory health insurance.



Watch the video below to learn more about US Healthcare System. You may also visit this website for more information.