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English Programs for Internationals


In the US, it is polite to:


  • Show respect by looking someone in the eye.
  • Obey laws without negotiation.
  • People point with their index finger not the middle finger.
  • Knock on an office door before entering. Wait to be invited in or until the previous guest leaves. 
  • Make appointments before visiting a friend at their house or an office building. 
  • Use quiet voices inside businesses.
But, it is NOT rude to:


  • Greet children by touching their heads.
  • Use either the left or the right hand. 
  • Show the soles of the feet or the bottom of the shoes.
  • Sit or stand with a relaxed postures; do not think your listener is inattentive because she is relaxed.
  • Talk when there is silence. Americans are uncomfortable with silence.