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Sexual Involvement

The most awkward part of dating in America revolves around sex. There are very few guidelines, and attitudes vary a lot. There are, however, two rules which most people accept:

  • People do not expect sex early in a relationship.
  • If you agree to a date or go to your partner’s home, you don’t have to have sex.

Other things to know:

  • Sex happens because of strong emotions.
  • When people feel love, they often want to “make love” (have sex).
  • Sex doesn’t guarantee emotional commitment. Some people think of sex as a goal.

On a date, sex should only happen if both people agree. If either partner says "no" or is not willing, do not force it. That is rape. Rape is a serious crime.

If your professor or your boss is flirting with you or making you feel uncomfortable, talk to someone. This is against university and company rules, because that person has power over you. This is called “sexual harassment.” This is a crime.

If you are having sex, practice "safe sex." "Safe sex" means you and your partner do not exchange bodily fluids. Condoms are available at the Student Health Center and at any drug or convenience store. Use them.