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English Programs for Internationals

Meet Taishi Uno

A Second Generation EPI Student

Taishi Uno is from Osaka, Japan. He is a Junior at Kwansei Gakuin University in Hyogo Prefecture. His major is economics. He arrived at the University of South Carolina’s English Programs for Internationals (EPI) in January 2018.

Taishi’s parents are Nobuko Takagi and Kazuhisa Uno. Nabuko and Kazuhisa met at EPI in 1990. They were both Japanese students studying English abroad. Taishi’s mom went on to study business at USC, while his dad returned to Japan to finish his university work at Kansai University. After a few years, they were married, and Taishi was born in 1996.

Taishi’s parents wanted to make sure that he got a good start in English, so his English lessons began in kindergarten.

“I was touched by English at a young age, so I wanted to learn more about the culture, especially here in Columbia, where my parents met. I also wanted to improve my language skills.”

Taishi hopes to be an international businessman. He considers EPI the perfect place to meet people from all over the world and practice his communication in English. Taishi lives on campus in Maxcy Dorm. There he is exposed to many American students, some who are especially interested in him because they are studying Japanese. Harrison, one of Taishi’s closest American friends, is from Charlotte, North Carolina. Harrison invited Taishi to Charlotte, where Taishi met Harrison’s family.

“I heard that American people are friendly, but now I have personal experience with that.”

In addition to his American friends, Taishi has made some other good friends from various parts of the world. His interaction with young people from all over the world has been most stimulating for Taishi. He’s had really deep conversations with many of his international friends, and this gives him great hope for the future. He hopes to continue the relationships he’s made here for the rest of his life.  


Author: Bronia Holmes