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English Programs for Internationals


If you are transferring from another school in the US, we will help you with the process in SEVIS.

Do you want to transfer to EPI from another school in the United States? Talk to the DSO at your school to find out how to transfer your SEVIS record.
Here are our policies for transfer-in students:

New Transfer-In Students
New students who wish to transfer to EPI from another program must complete the application process required of all new students.
In addition, transfer-in students must request their current program to send a transcript of their academic work directly to EPI. If the transcript shows attendance has not been sufficient to meet EPIís requirement of at least 80% or if performance grades are poor (below a 2.0 GPA), that student will NOT be accepted.

Returning Transfer-In Students
Former EPI students who transferred from EPI in good standing (no required transfer)
 will be accepted in EPI under the same standards as the New Student Transfer-In Policy.
Former EPI students who were required by EPI policy to transfer-out MAY be accepted if they meet the following requirements:

  • Have successfully completed at least one full term of study at another program. Successful completion = a grade of C (2.0 GPA) or better and 80% attendance or better in all courses.
  • Will be retested and placed according to the results of EPIís placement tests. For example, if a student was required to transfer out of EPI having been in levels WG4/RV4/SL5 and is retested into levels WG3/RV4/SL4, the student will be placed in these “lower” levels.
  • Will be on probation the first term that they return if they were were required to transfer out due to poor attendance.

Students Returning after 2 or More Terms
Former EPI students who left EPI in good standing and have been out of the country for 2 or more terms may be accepted as new students with no restrictions. However, returning former students will be retested and placed according to the latest placement test scores, not according to data from previous terms at EPI.
Find out about how to transfer your SEVIS record at the Homeland Security website. You will need to do this to keep your visa for studying in the US. Find out more information about visas at Travel.State.Gov.

You can also download a Transfer Form (below) and take it to your current school.

PDF icon TransferForm.pdf